Dear Family ,


it is with a great joy that the Romanian collective is inviting you in the beautiful city of Brasov 

in the auspicious event of Buddha Puja from 25th to 28th of May 2018.


Draga familie,


Va reamimtim de invitatia de a sarbatori impreuna Buddha Puja la Brasov , 

din 25 pana in 28 Mai 2018.


Looking forward to see all of you! 


Jai Shri Mataji! 

Jai Shri Buddha!


The Romanian Collective


Buddham sharanam gachami,” meaning “I surrender myself to all the people who are enlightened.”

That case we have to respect each other. We are all enlightened souls. As I also bow to you, you have to bow to each other.

So, we are to bow to all the people who are enlightened. And thus, we respect each other’s Self-Realization.


Buddha Puja , 14/05/90 , Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi





Period: 25th to 28th of May
Location : Hotel Astra ( Brasov) 
Accommodation prices: Package of 3 nights, from Friday to Monday
Room with 4 & 5 beds - 11 EUR / person / night
Room with 3 beds - 13 EUR / person / night
Room with 2 beds - 15 EUR / person / night
Room single - 17 EUR / person / night
Food prices (menu attached):
Breakfast - 4 EUR
Lunch and dinner - 5 EUR each
(dinner outside saturday evening)
Contribution puja: 22 EUROS / PERS
Please note that there are only 140 places available and this will be an international (European rather) puja.
We have spoken to our brothers and sisters in Vietnam (who are officially organizing the international Buddha Puja)
and they were happy with us to go ahead with this more European initiative. 
Locatia: Hotel Astra (aceeasi locatie ca la Revelion) - http://www.hotelastra.ro/
Costuri: Pachet de 3 nopti, de vineri pana luni:
Camera cu 4 si 5 locuri - 50 lei/ noapte/persoana
Camera cu 3 paturi - 60 lei/noapte/ persoana
Camera cu 2 paturi - 70 lei/ noapte/ persoana
Camera single - 80lei/ noapte
Mic dejun 15 lei
Pranz  si cina 20 lei fiecare
(Cina afara sambata )
Contributie cheltuieli puja:
 100 lei


Va informam ca sunt doar 140 de locuri disponibile (din care s-a ocupat camera single si mai sunt doar vreo 2 camere cu doua paturi) si dorim ca aceasta puja sa fie una internationala!
Sub semnatura, puteti gasi traducerea acestei invitatii in engleza, pentru cei care doresc sa ne ajute cu reclama.
Am vorbit cu colectivitatea din Vietnam (care organizeaza in mod oficial Buddha Puja internationala) si sunt de acord cu initiativa noastra. 



Friday 25 May / Vineri 25 Mai

14.00 Arrival / Cazare 

19.00 Dinner/ Cina

20.00 Meditation and Musical Program /Meditatie si program artistic


Saturday 26 May / Sambata 26 Mai

6.00  Meditation / Meditatie

7.00 Breakfast/  Mic de jun

8.00 Havan

10.00 Workshop and preparation for the public program

Pregatire eveniment public

 12.00 Lunch / Pranz

13.00 Departure to the event MeditAT / Plecare spre eveniment MeditAT

14.00 -19.00 MeditAT - Public Program 

Centru Cultural La Reduta 

19.00 - 20.00 Concert / Concertul

 Dinner in the town / Cina in oras

22.00 Meditation / Meditatie seara


Sunday 27 May/ Duminica 27 Mai

6.00 Meditation / Meditatie

7.00 Breakfast / Mic de jun

8.30 Excursion / Excursie organizata 

13.00 Pranz

14.00-16.00 / Workshop and activities 

Healthy singing and Opera with Cleopatra

Indian Classical music practices with Uncle Dan and musicians

16.00 Preparation of the puja / Pregatire Puja

18.00 Dinner / Cina

19.00 Buddha puja

Program artistic


Monday 28 May / Luni 28 Mai

8.00  Meditation / Meditatie

9.00 Breakfast / Mic de Jun

Bye Bye / Larevedere 





Contact for registration Romania and international : Gia Glavan ( gia.glavan@gmail.com)


Contact for transport  : Ritu Cazacu ( grace.cazacu108@gmail.com)


Contact for artistic program : Dan Huides ( huides.dan@gmail.com) 


Contact for Public Program MeditAT : Mircea Samoila (mircea.samoila@gmail.com)



Discover Brasov

Brasov is of course known for the beautiful picturesque medieval old town, the black church and the citadel but there is a lot more to see. Wander around and get lost in the city to discover houses from centuries ago to huge soviet buildings to really modern architecture. The thing is that only seeing the Old Town doesn’t do this beautiful city justice. Climb up on Tampa, have an overview of the city near the Brasov sign and feel the mountain air. Brasov, being in the middle of Romania, is also a brilliant check-point to start travels from so it is recommended to discover what’s outside the city borders. Visit the nearby Bran village or Sibiu with beautiful castles; take on a longer trip – the rain connection is excellent. After visiting museums and galleries, try to have some outdoor fun and go for a hike in the mountains, it will be rewarding.
Here are bellow some of the nice places you can discover in Brasov, between historical and natural adventures!